Getting started

Get up and running with quickly.

1. Join the Discord (if you haven't already)
Click the button in the top-right corner!

2. Apply for your key
Once you have joined and followed the instructions in #guests, simply tag the bot and click the reaction associated with apply.
Our Discord bot will tell the staff that you've applied behind the scenes. Soon, a member of staff will most likely accept you, but in some cases (if we think you may abuse the service or your account looks suspicious) we may block/deny you.
If you got accepted, the Discord bot will DM you with your key!

3. Download a compatible capture program
ShareX, MagicCap and KShare should all work.

4. Configure your capture software
This will heavily depend on your capture software. In MagicCap, head to Uploader Configuration and click "". From here, you can enter your key and domain from the Domains page and click to set as default. In ShareX/KShare, you can use our template generator to generate the needed template.

Now you should be ready to use! Happy screenshotting!
Need support? Tell us in the Discord!